Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 35

Size: over 2.4kg and approximately 45cm (but I reckon Pecan is longer!)

What's Pecan Up To: making my belly move like crazy! He/she is also putting on the pudge, now has fingernails and fulling functioning kidneys yay!

Symptoms: not sleeping properly when it gets to the mornings and the occasional sore muscle in my butt!

Cravings: coffee; anything with lemon; chocolate; cheesee

Keep that away from me: mince; onions (so there goes spag bog)

Weight: 81.5kg - 83kg I'm really fluctuating between those at the moment
Feelings: I can't believe I'm finally on Parental Leave. It's crazy to remember back in the very beginning and thinking that I'd be waiting forever to: finish work; feel Pecan kick etc...

I'm getting scared and excited now. I keep thinking that our lives are going to be changed forever and a big part of me at the moment is so hesitant about that, I'm scared of what we're going to be missing out on but I know I'm in for an amazing ride.

Random: Pecan has definitely found my tickle spot! Yesterday I was getting kicked in my left side and laughing - it beats being uncomfortable/unable to breathe though.

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