Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Tickle & Work Post


I think someone has infected me with a cold. Everyone at work has been sick plus my Mum but I thought I might be immune - starting to think I was kidding myself. My throat is tickling me and I've been exhausted all day. I wanted to put it down to being pregnant and having a bad sleep but I think it's that combined with coming down with something. NOT FAIR! It's my last week of work and I have to help train up my replacement's replacement - yep even though we're in recruitment we completely got it wrong! Big huge waste of 8 weeks of training and even though I really loved working with her I'm so angry that she wasted our time (especially because she knew it was a parental leave contract!). I feel worse for my boss though because it's the last thing she needed on her plate.

I'm so appreciative of this last bit of time at work. All our employees have been fantastic, even if some of them are teasing me with waddling (I swear I'm not!!!) and anyone who has gone off on holidays - who I won't see until after I've had Pecan - has come in and given me a huge hug. I've even been invited to the December Christmas Party which is really nice of them. I feel so spoilt and lucky to be able to work with such a great group of people. I'm definitely grateful for the break from my job though because it was getting just that bit too repetitive and boring. I even broached with my boss about returning to work part-time and a pay rise and neither were ignored or flicked aside. Even so I'm getting a bit freaked out about leaving the workforce and soon having to live off savings (even if it's only until Pecan is born)!

On the plus side though today Mum took me and my little sister shopping (technically for my sister's boyfriend's birthday present whoops!). We got so spoilt! An awesome maternity hospital outfit from Peter Alexander (I kept saying I didn't want to because it would get ruined but my little sister did say these photos would be FOREVER - yay for putting that fear in me and here I was thinking labour would be the hard bit!); lots of Bonds stuff including some more much needed leggings; some awesome Revlon long lasting lip gloss (the only thing I purchased); some tops which actually cover my maternity bras (YIPPEE); some other random on sale pj/hospital/maternity items and... a bag of lemons!

Now I'm finally off to bed for some much needed rest and I'll most likely fall asleep reading about breastfeeding - oh how my life has changed.

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  1. You poor thing, I got sick from people at work in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. Lots of hot honey and lemon drinks, fess nasal spray and a vapouriser running next to the bed eased it a little. I also had a second replacement for my position! It's pretty stressful at the time but I promise it won't matter in the long run.