Saturday, October 15, 2011

So long weekends

Well parental leave has officially begun! I'd be so much more excited if this stupid cold still wasn't getting the better of me but I think it's just at night/in the mornings because I'm starting to feel better during the day.

I had a huge send off at work, we have lots of different people based all over the metro area and everyone came to farewell me, it was really sweet and so appreciated. 3 of my co-workers put on an amazing spread and one of their daughter's made the sweetest cake (shaped like a bottle). I'll post photos once I've gotten them sent through. My boss gave this amazing speech as well and I've never felt so appreciated, it was just really nice to know everyone was gathered their because they liked working with me and to support me in my next 'chapter'. It was a little odd though because I know I really want to come back as they're a great bunch of people to work with.

I got some awesome goodies as well and everyone kept apologising that the hamper was in a pink basket and I also asked if the pink flowers were hinting at anything. So who knows maybe this is the universe's way of saying I'm having a girl either way I honestly don't mind.

It was hard at the end of the day saying goodbye to everyone but I know I'll be popping in to see them a lot especially because work is right around the corner. They've all said they'll happily babysit as well which is sweet although I think I'd wind up with a 'missing' baby if I took some of them up on their offer ha-ha.

My boss surprised me at the end of the day with an awesome present. She has this uncanny ability to get me the best presents and I know I'm a hard person to buy for. It was even better because when I was last in the city I was saying to Hubby how much I'd love to be able to buy a Fossil bag - so unless she was right behind me (which I doubt) she did very well, it even suits my crazy elephant obsession.

So my last day was great but I know I'm going to miss it (at least until Pecan comes) and it still doesn't seem real. Hubby and I didn't do anything to celebrate me finishing or him no longer having any more uni classes EVER but it was still a nice Friday night with a home cooked meal and curling up on the couch.

Today the weather is so beautiful and I think we're planning on spending it shopping - seems a bit of a waste. But Hubby wants a cover for his brand new iPhone (spoilt!) and I want to get Christmas fabric to force myself to start making Christmas Stockings as presents for the in-laws (plus Pecan and Hubby). We're going to be on a very tight budget until money starts coming in so hopefully that will be a cheap present option.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekends.

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  1. love that bag Jess!
    Try to savour your last few weeks as a lone ranger.. your life is about to CHANGE!