Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 36

Size: approximately 2.7kg and around 45cm

What's Pecan Up To: really making my belly look like something out of the Alien movies; resting on my bladder; getting hiccups; stretching and elbowing/kneeing/kicking constantly

Symptoms: getting tired in the afternoons again and needing to pee lots more (I feel grateful though that it's taken this long for me to get to the non-stop pee stage!). Feeling really uncomfortable with everything jammed up under my ribs. I'm also not eating as constantly or as much as I used to.

Cravings: coffee, sweet things and citrus

Keep that away from me: still mince and onions plus the thought of cooking any kind of meat other than chicken or fish makes me feel gross.

Weight: remaining around the 82/83kg mark
Feelings: Excited but also missing the life I used to have: eg drinks with friends. Not that Hubby and I were ever go out all the time people, we've always been homebodies but still I can't help focusing on how much life will change once Pecan arrives.

Random: I'm writing to-do lists like there's no tomorrow which I guess when you're in the final weeks you never know if there will be! I'm trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and go out and do things by myself. Since Hubby has exams this week and the following two he won't be around much and with Mum's fiance coming back from an overseas trip she'll be wanting to spend more time with him = a lonely Jess. I've just got to force myself to get out of the house and do things, I've always been weird about doing things by myself though and I hope that changes when Pecan is born, I can use him/her to hide behind and build up my confidence...


  1. I used to be a bit like you! I always felt like people were looking at me thinking poor girl with no friends... STUPID! and now Abi is like my little friend! We go everywhere together! I don't feel monkey anymore! We go have coffee, sometimes lunch! Go sit in the park and she knows EXACTLY what change rooms look like! :-)
    But... Get out and get stuff done NOW! it takes twice as long once bub arrives.
    And don't delay! Pecan could come early like Abi and then all that stuff on your list.... Weeks to get done! Took over 8 weeks to finally get the Manu and pedi I was supposed to get the day Abi arrived! And there is still stuff on my to do list and Abi was 2 months old yesterday!

  2. Stupid predictive text!
    Not monkey! LONELY!

  3. Awe thanks Sammie. The monkey made me giggle and what better way to start a morning!

    I'm forcing myself out of the house today and then getting on with my to-do list which is turning into a chore list (YUCK!).