Friday, March 25, 2011

Nice Surprises

My FiL is a bit of a spoiler, he's constantly helping out Hubby (because he's a student and doesn't work) and they've all but given us a car and pay for everything involved with that. So after the dinner we were both shocked when he announced we could go crazy when it came to booking a family dinner out for Hubby's birthday. We're going to Jacksons (hopefully better than last time we were there!) 8 crazy! I wish we could show him how appreciative we are other than presents and cards saying thank you. One of our big plans (should Pecan be a boy) is to have Peter as the middle name, my Dad's name is Peter and part of FiL's name is Peter so it works perfectly and if we have all girls there's always Peta :p

I can't wait it will be a very belated birthday for Hubby, a semi-belated birthday for me and an early birthday for his Mum :p So we do have to wait a month or two! I just hope I'm still feeling how I'm feeling and I get to be the designated driver for the first time!

But I did mention that I would discuss his obsession with the dogs. To do so I'll give a bit of background... they were never going to be dog people and then due to a silly mistake by the in-law siblings their dog got pregnant and my MiL wound up having to play surrogate mother. Fast forward and they kept one of the puppies which he really didn't want to and refused to say the puppy was theirs. Well that didn't last long and now the puppy sleeps in their bed and has a whole shelf for dog treats. Then the in-laws siblings had to get rid of both of their dogs and the mother wound up with MiL and FiL. So now they have two dogs who get fed bacon from the fridge, really yummy choice cuts of meat, any kind of leftovers oh and the latest thing straight out of the fridge!

So there you have it, I now tease Hubby that if they don't watch out the dogs will be left everything in the will :p


  1. Just caught up with your blog! Massive congratulations, Mrs!

    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  2. Thanks Amy :)
    And thanks for the link, I love finding new blogs!

  3. Ah... That reminds me a little of my parents... We always joke that now they have no children to look after the dogs come first and get everything!

  4. Sounds like you guys have lovely supportive family. Hope dinner is wonderful even if you have to wait a while.