Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where Are You

I'm still here I swear and I've been trying to be a good little commenter apologies if I miss you out or haven't been as regular as I usually am!
I've been busy surprisingly, I thought I would be staying home by myself with my Mum away but I have been getting out and about. Lots with my little sister who just came back from a holiday in NZ and was unemployed for all of a week before getting a way better job than the one she had before. Today we went office clothes shopping for her complete with a Logan mirror make out session in Myer - my son most likely has cooties!

My last post was about Logan's first birthday party, I've since changed it to a Yogi Bear Picnic theme because everyone calls him Logi Bear and I call him BooBoo so it was a given. Plus now I don't have to deal with the majority of guests not wanting to drink milk! The idea was cute but not really well thought out - damn you Pinterest. I don't want it to be cartoon character orientated though so other than maybe a vintage Yogi bear golden book turned into a guest book the party will be more picnic focused.

So that's my life, along with a brief stint of babysitting another bubba - Logan is definitely a difficult baby because the boy I watched was an angel! It's all been good, lots of Hubby bonding including removing technology from Saturday nights as well as Tuesdays and planning for Halloween in Toronto!!!


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  1. Oh my he's adorable. Your holiday is coming up so quickly I hope it's amazing!