Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Months Letter (23.09.12)

Dear Logan,
10 months old and you are knocking over milestones all the time it feels like!

This month you have been walking so confidently around all our furniture and then moved onto scaling the walls as well. Nowhere is safe from you anymore but we still haven't had to babyproof anything. I think this is because you always want to be near me so 9 times out of 10 I can see what you're up to. You can also stand up unassisted but it only happens for a few seconds and generally we have to instigate it.

We believe separation anxiety has kicked in with full-force and you don't really like playing by yourself for longer than 5 minutes before you're in tears. You've been extra clingy with me at the moment as well which makes it doubly hard.

But on a positive note you are sleeping better for the most part you have decided to sleep through the night. You still let out grumbles but usually will resettle yourself. I can't say it's continuous though because more often than not we do have to go in to you but still it's a step in the right direction. I also don't have to feed you at night anymore which is FANTASTIC!

We've got you on somewhat of a schedule according to Save Our Sleep. You still wake up earlier than the recommended 7 (anywhere from 550-630) but it means you get time to see far before he heads off to work. You then have a giant 2 weetbix + fruit breakfast at 7 before boobie at 8 and then we go for a dog walk and then bed (if you can last!) at 930. You've been pretty good with a 1.5 hour morning nap so when you wake at 11ish (never later always earlier) you get boobie again and then lunch at 12. Your next nap is at 130 and if I'm lucky you'll sleep for an hour but this is usually your bad nap. Once you're awake you get boobie and then dinner at 5 before a bath or shower at 6 courtesy of far, bottle at 630ish and then bed anywhere from 640-7pm but never later. You still seem quite grumpy in the afternoons though so I don't think you get enough sleep and sometimes I sneak in an extra nap around 3.

We have also uncovered that if you haven't slept long enough if we get you up for a little bit we can then put you back down to sleep. This isn't always a guarantee and goes against all the books but whatever works right!?

You've also played well with two girls, one your exact same age and the other almost a year older. I've been so happy about this because in general you don't like other babies and would rather just cling on to me the whole time.

You don't say much at the moment and will either be a little babbler or nothing will come out. It's still only mama as well! You do love blowing raspberries though along with sucking on my feet (weird) and making a clicking noise with your lips (far caught it on video).

There is so much more that I could write but I will leave it there for now...until next month when we'll be in Toronto!!!


All my love,




  1. Hooray for sleeping through the night!!! Ah! It's wonderful!!!
    Such a little cutie! Love him!

  2. He's so charming! What great news that he's sleeping through. He's so much like Eve, she's slowly getting less clingy so hopefully Logan moves out of the extra clingy phase soon.

  3. He's such a gorgeous boy!
    Glad the sleep is working itself out.. We found the same thing about 10mo.
    Love baby babbles! Xx