Saturday, August 25, 2012

9 Month Letter (23.08.12)

Dear Logan,
What hasn't this past month bought us! From discovering how to crawl like a pro to standing up on everything and making your way around the furniture.

Both your far and I have felt very spoilt watching you grow and advance even further during this time. You delight us with your cheeky grins, your shyness (burying your head into my shoulder), raspberries and big laughs. You have definitely picked up the mimicking thing as well and you've also somewhat learnt to give a kiss on command (but only when you feel like it) and to stay Mum/mama but not in context so I'm not counting it. You can't say far yet but you do make your mouth move like the word when we say it to you. I feel bad for daddy because it's just a bit hard for you to get the word out.
On your last night before turning 9 months you decided to sleep through (with a formula dream feed at 10). I don't think it will be ongoing but is more dependent on your naps during the day and when you go to bed. Speaking of naps you are getting better and have at least one 1.5hr nap per day but the rest is a bit hit or miss. The other 'new' thing is the dream feed and the fact that it's formula. This was a tough decision for me to make because we've never had any problems with you not getting enough milk from me and I felt like I was cheating you. But it's better for me to be happier and well rested than grumpy!

Other things you have learnt to do include drinking from a straw (which I like to believe is advanced but I have no idea) and pulling yourself into a standing position. These things are so exciting and whilst small help you become the little boy we are enjoying meeting.
We are thoroughly enjoying this time with you our little Boo Boo and whilst I look forward to the upcoming months I am now content to live in the moment with you. You have changed so much and become so much happier that we can all really enjoy our time together as a little family. Surprisingly this has made me want to wait before making you an older brother because we want to enjoy you all the more.


All my love,




  1. Oh he is such a gorgeous little boy! Good on you Logan for sleeping through. I found it took me a while to catch up on sleep once miss s started sleeping through but once I started getting regular amounts of decent sleep I started enjoying motherhood even more.

  2. How lovely! They do become so much happier once they can get around which makes it much easier on us!
    Love the pic in the high chair!!!

  3. He's so awesome, I do hope he keeps sleeping through for you.