Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 14

Size: did that happen?!

What's Pecan Up To: peeing, but thankfully cute stuff too like squinting and frowning and maybe even sucking his (or her) thumb.

Symptoms: Bit dizzy and out of breathe (apparently that's because of the increase in blood volume).

Cravings: Sour and savoury. I love love love my V8 veggie juice. Soup

Keep that away from me: Still certain meats and definitely still not a fan of chicken.

Weight: Still around 75kg which I'm happy with. I'm not ODing on the bad foods or snacks and making sure I get in my 30mins of dog walking every day.
Feelings: Getting less tired (yay!!!). Happy that I'm in 2nd trimester. Sad because I couldn't get the gorgeous pair of lace up ankle boots I wanted because they were a little too tight and Mum said my feet would probably swell BOO! Oh and I really really really feel like I'm having a boy. My SiL's boyfriend joked that I could 'feel it in my waters' and I just said I will feel so bad for this baby if it is a girl!

Random: I am actively stopping myself buying baby stuff. I keep reminding myself I can after our (& during!) trip over East. But window shopping is still fun and I plan on buying some material and yarn tomorrow to cross off 2 craft projects from my 25 4 25 list!

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  1. Try to refrain for buying stuff as much as you can! It is very hard though! (I know!)
    And remember that you are likely to get lots of gifts too.