Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Well it was certainly one for the record books in my family! We'd organised a big Mother's Day lunch at my Mum's to announce to the family that we were expecting. It was supposed to be just a big lunch with the family winding up around 2pm with lots of relaxing and food. However, the universe had other plans! Mum was already in a bad mood because she hates hosting things and she was rushing around like a headless chook. Guess what doesn't go hand in hand with rushing...freshly mopped floors. I was mixing cake batter and heard this crash and then crying and there on the floor was my Mum sprawled with the vacuum cleaner clutching her wrist. (This is her third accident in about 3 weeks I think the first involved cutting her face and a concussion and the second involved slicing her finger on my birthday). She kept saying it was only sprained and my sister and I teased her whilst she whimpered, ordered us around and kept apologising. I told her that if it was broken we'd wait for days because when I was younger and broke my leg that's how long it took her (I think we're now even!). But joking aside we forced her to stay put on the couch with an ice pack and my Aunty came around to take over. She wanted to take Mum to the hospital but Mum didn't want to miss out on the lunch or our big announcement. We all thought it was just a sprain but after the lunch and forcing her off to hospital we got an sms from my Aunty telling us that it had in fact broken and she was going to have to get a cast. So today she's off to get the proper cast whilst I'm off to get my first scan of Pecan - life works in funny ways!

But to top it all off my little sister wound up throwing up the entire time with some mystery virus. Needless to say it was a very eventful Mother's Day and one that will be bought up I imagine for many Mother's Days to come!

PS: Bonding with Bubs will hopefully be posted later today and fingers crossed include photos! I'm at that nervous stage now where I just want to know Pecan is healthy!

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  1. Well that was an interesting Mothers Day!
    Hope the scan went well. Will pop back later today to see if you have any updates.