Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray

So yesterday I turned a quarter of a century! It was definitely one of my best birthdays too date (I had a crappy run of them over the past few years). Very relaxed, even though I had to be at work, lots of being spoiled and very yummy dinners!

It started with a bit of a sleep in and then getting presents from Hubby. This include 2 She & Him CDs and a cute card with 4 little girls all dressed up. Hubby said it would be cute if this was our future and I reminded him he didn't want FOUR I'm struggling to get him to want THREE ha-ha

Grapefruit and coffee for breakfast (I was a bit naughty but it was my birthday) and then off to work. My boss gave me this gorgeous (spot on) necklace and it's a long one which is perfect for me and the boobies!

We had yummy Strawberry Ripple Cheesecake at work and everyone was wishing me Happy Birthday throughout the day. We have such a tight knit group at work it was really great to have a few laughs, scoff some cake and finish telling everyone that I'm expecting as well.

Then it was home time and some relaxing on the couch with my puppy while I waited for Hubby to come home. When he did we headed over to my Mum's to get one of her dogs and go for a big dog walk while she continued with preparing for my birthday feast. This lead to the only downside of my birthday in that I stepped in dog poop (walking in the dark in a dog exercise area is not recommended!).

When we came back Mum had the avocado dip set out which has been my favourite ever since I could eat solids. I can't wait to get photos of Pecan eating it just like Mum has of me! More presents were handed over, a gorgeous scarf and *drum roll* a Kindle! I was very very spoilt! Now I'm stalking etsy trying to find the perfect cover for it but not a lot are made for the KindleDX :(

Once my sister and her boyfriend arrived (who just bought a house) Mum started on the chilli mussels which were SO YUMMY! And the Icky Sticky Toffee Pudding which is my favourite dessert! So we were stuffed once dinner was over (literally) and I learnt Pecan doesn't like lots of food. I stayed up til midnight to say goodbye to my last birthday as a non-Mummy and then had an AWESOME sleep!

So it was a fantastic day and more celebrating to come this weekend including a burlesque circus tonight.

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