Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm pregnant, the sole breadwinner and so far Hubby isn't getting good responses from his grad program applications.

ARGH! I keep trying to remind myself there is still ages until he needs a job but because grad offers are being made now and he's not getting anything it's hard to put it in perspective. Plus being in recruitment makes me that much more aware of everything and it sucks!

I'm positive he will find something it's just the waiting and I know it's hard on him and he doesn't say anything about it where as I am prone to voice my concerns which doesn't help him. But unfortunately Hubby needs to be pushed or nothing gets done and this is one thing were he can't sit back and watch the race he needs to jump in and act now.

I keep trying to remind myself of when I was applying to graduate programs. I got rejected so many times but still I was successful in getting a job only to quit it after a week. So I'm holding onto the hope that somewhere out there is his perfect job and he will be lucky to stumble upon it and we can not live off 2 minute noodles after the baby is born!

But we'll survive somehow, even if it means me returning to work (YUCK!) because, we decided to have a baby knowing full well this was a possibility. Still, I'm crossing my fingers and toes something amazing comes his way because he deserves it.


  1. Oh you could totally be writing this for us. I have the same fear at the moment, Mr. Wolff has an amazing GPA and still isn't even getting interviews for grad positions. It's hard being the breadwinner and especially while pregnant, feel free to drop me an email for some virtual tea and sympathy anytime you need.

  2. I don't envy your position at all.
    Fingers and toes crossed something comes up soon.
    You still have quite some time, but I would be totally freaking out so I really should say anything...

  3. I hope your husband does find someting soon. It must be so hard for him too as getting constant rejection letters can be heartbreaking.

    Maybe have a timeline set so if he doesn't get anything by then you can put the steps in place to prepare to go back to work...

    But hopefully he will get something by then *hugs*

  4. yuky pressure things like needing money are really not conducive to a happy life are they?! everything will work out - something will turn up when you least expect it. Call in all those favours/contacts now :):)

  5. Thanks girls!!! All the comments and advice mean so much :)

  6. urgh. Stressful. For both of you. I hope your husband finds something soon. I thought the job market was picking up?? or about to take off?

    I am sure you guys will land on your feet, but I can understand why you are scared.

    Keep us posted