Saturday, March 10, 2012

Puppy dogs tails

"What are little boys made of?
Slugs and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails,
That's what little boys are made of."

This post was inspired by Sass and Spice (see a link to her wonderful blog on the left)...

I always wondered how my dog (Loki, pictured above) and our family dogs would interact with Logan. It was one of our favourite things to muse about while I was pregnant.

Sadly Bella our family dog died before he was born and I'll never get to see our fatty boombah snuffling scraps from under his highchair :( But seeing how all the other dogs interact with him has been lots of fun. And by other dogs I mean OTHER dogs, if you include our immediate family we have 8 dogs in total! This is hilarious considering Hubby and his family were never dog people until my sister-in-law and I came along, now my in-laws have 2 who are fed smoked salmon on a regular basis...

First up there is our little torpedo Loki. I was so excited to see Loki's reaction when we bought Logan home but he really wasn't interested he just wanted to jump all over us. I was disappointed because when I'd been bought home by Mum and Dad our golden retriever stuck his head straight in my capsule! But now Loki has changed and it's so much fun to see.

Because he is currently at my Mum's place whenever I come over he jumps straight in the car and puts his head into Logan's car seat to give him a big lick. I've given up trying to stop this unless he goes for Logan's mouth or hands. He's constantly trying to give him kisses and laying down near him and he even puts up with Logan accidentally but repeatedly kicking him which fingers crossed means he'll be ok when that leads to purposeful pinches and tugs!

The strangest (and I'm sure I've mentioned this before) is Riley the wonderdog. He is Logan's main protector. The other day there were two guys cleaning the windows at my mums place and the dogs were not happy about it. I put Logan to bed in his portacot up the back of the house and moments later heard a dog bark come through the monitor. When I went to go and yell at the offender for trying to wake Logan there was Riley sitting right next to the portacot guarding "his" baby. I couldn't tell him off after that and besides Logan hadn't woken up, thankfully he's used to dogs barking.

All the other dogs aren't that interested in him except for my sister's sharpei who just sits and stares at him and tries to lick his feet. Her dog is sometimes aggressive so we were really worried about him but that's been completely unfounded, he's a teddy bear around Logan. Needless to say though I never leave Logan unattended with the dogs!

I couldn't imagine having a life without a pet pooch and I'm so glad that Logan will grow up being a dog lover (and surrounded by them too). We are already looking forward to buying another one when our kids are a bit older and can really appreciate it.

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  1. I've been trying to comment on your blog for ages. Something to do with problems I'm having with blogger - hopefully this finally works!

    I'm so envious of people who have dogs in their lives. Reading your post has made me definitely want to get one in the future. I just need a bigger backyard first!

    Logan is lucky to have Riley and Loki as play pals. I really believe that pets really enrich our lives and Logan will certainly have lots of fun and great memories with them. x