Friday, March 16, 2012

Party Planner

Have I ever mentioned how much I love planning? Especially when it comes to events, I'm having to stop myself from planning Logan's first birthday already!

So to keep my mind off that I'm throwing Hubby a 28th birthday dinner with all our friends and organising my Mum's Hen's (Emmie, I might be taking a page out of your friend's book and doing croquet, sadly the Como club isn't available on the weekend we want boo!).

I get so stressed out though so it's a double edged sword which sucks and, with the added pressure of looking after Logan it's getting worse. Thankfully Hubby puts up with me during these little stress fests but I feel sorry for the guy. Last night for example Woolies online shopping was doing my head in, it was getting late, we hadn't eaten, my father-in-law wasn't happy that our dog was staying for the weekend (they're leaving for the weekend though) etc... etc... I should have just relaxed though because Logan had a HUGE sleep thanks to those pesky 4 month immunisations.

So I told Hubby to pick out a cake and it will be my second attempt to make a layer cake (after the disaster that was my brother & sister in-laws engagement cake). He chose the Donna Hay caramel layer cake from her Modern Classics Book 2 and thankfully it looks pretty easy, I'm just nervous about cutting a cake in two. Especially as my two baking guru girlfriends will be there. Originally I asked them to make him a Lego cake but I think I will save that for his 30th (see I told you I'm a crazy planner). I'll also be making pulled pork burgers (a slow cooker is a new mama's best friend) because he has an obsession with burgers along with a corn salad. I wanted to make coleslaw (& still might) but Hubby isn't a fan so I may just tick with lettuce. It should be a good night provided Logan goes down easily hahaha

Then next up we have my Mum's Hen's party. It was so hard to twist her arm into having something but her fiancé is so I told her just something small and we won't drag her out clubbing or anything crazy like that. But it will involve me baking and making 'healthy' goodies as per her request.

If anyone has any suggestions for a 'unique' Hen's party I'd love to hear them.

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  1. ooh your Mums hens will be great wherever you decide to have it (have you checked out Mosman Park bowl club0 beautiful veiws of the river)

    The cake you are making for your DH sounds divine.. Im sure you'll nail it!!