Thursday, April 7, 2011


Finally we got some rain here in Sunny ol' Perth (it must have been over 2months+ without it) and what should I see as I was walking to get into my car and drive off to work:

It definitely perked me up, because I've been so tired and sleeping so much dragging myself to work is the last thing I want to do.

I'm hanging out for the weekend but it's going to be jammed packed. I've decided to cook roast for Friday night dinner and hopefully we can either watch some recorded tv shows or grab a dvd (I'm hanging out for a chick flick but Hubby will say no). Saturday I'm meeting up with my uni girlfriends and will finally break the news that they're all going to be Aunties :) Then I've got an 80's birthday party that night with bookclub (I haven't even sorted out my costume but I've done 80's so often that it shouldn't be too hard!). 

On Sunday I get to visit some old work friends and get some gorgeous baby time in and after that it's off to visit my little sister who was in the hospital this week and we still don't know what's wrong (it was thought to be appendicitis but apparently not). 

So yes very jam packed and I know I'll be hanging out for just some relax at home time so hopefully Friday night can fufill that craving!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend. I really hope they figure out what's wrong with your sister!