Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Update

So I didn't really get my relaxing recharge, my best friend did my head in a lot (I blame that being pregnant plus he doesn't seem to have an 'off' switch) but other than that we had a great time.

Hubs + Me + Pecan at the Bootleg Brewery

We didn't tour a lot of wineries, I tried to get them to but we only went to one and a couple of breweries (which the best friend didn't enjoy, apparently all beer is shit unless it's pre-packaged and from big companies...GRRR). I did find it a little hard at the first winery and kept begging to sniff the wine but I must admit it is nice to be enjoying everything sans the grog and being able to feel good waking up in the morning! (Ok I am not an alcoholic but you guys get what I mean).

Lots of driving was done, we were based in Dunsborough so as soon as lunchtime rocked up we headed to the Bakery and then headed off to do our day of exploring. We arrived Friday afternoon and I was exhausted so we didn't really get up to much but Saturday involved driving around Margaret River, visiting the 1 winery and the Bootleg Brewery (I scored a photo of Hubby drinking a beer - very unusual he is much more into his soft drink than alcohol) and a smattering of other places including the Berry Farm (YUMMY!) and the Yahava coffee place. I was a naughty pregnant lady and had an iced coffee which was delish and had me buzzing like there was no tomorrow!

The Boys played Mega Jenga and Hubby lost amidst lots of cheering, the Brewery was packed and we got asked if we'd booked for lunch as we drove in. Thankfully we'd eaten and were only interested in grabbing a drink so we just sprawled on the limestone near the grass. Hubby and I laughed over how we're now looking into prams etc... whenever we get a chance and it was pram central down there.
Sunday involved a trek to the caves and we decided to check out Mammoth Cave because we missed the tour times for the others. It was a lot bigger than I expected and I couldn't help make silly cracks whilst listening to the audio 'self guided tour' I wish they'd had a cheaper option to get in without it, it really needs a revamp. I made a joke when we got there that a sign warned stairs were involved but DAMN I am not fit at all and my leg is still aching from all the stairs it took to get out of the cave. But it was great inside and we all loved the cool temperature (even if it wasn't hot outside).

Monday was visiting Candy Cow and consuming too much sugar and then just meandering back to Dunsborough and stopping at places along the way (including another brewery and the Chocolate Factory). It was like revisiting my Hen's Weekend which was lots of fun and funny because now I'm pregnant.

We'll be back soon!

And then back home. I feel like we should be doing something but all we want to do is relax. Today was a big family lunch where I think Mum was telling the rest of the rellies. I would have gone if she'd advised us of the time but noone wanted to pick up their phones when we tried calling hmpf. Oh well I'm sure I'll hear all about it if she has broken the news!

So it was a good weekend but as with most holidays I could do with one more day just to relax at home. Sharing the holiday with my best friend made me realise that Hubs and I are at a completely different stage in our lives and I feel a lot older. Plus I think a couple + 1 holiday never really works out because someone will always grate on someone else's nerves plus I felt like if I even gave a little hug or kiss to the Hubby it was being watched and commented on :( Oh well, our BabyMoon will be the next trip away and other than maybe a visit with my friend in Tasmania it will just be the two of us + bump :)

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