Saturday, April 2, 2011

Left the Nest

Our little dove baby has abandoned his/her nest and can fly! I've been using the dove baby as a sign (silly I know) that everything will be ok with our little Pecan.

Today has been a nice day, a bit boring and lonely but still nice. Hubby headed out (looking very spiffy!) to an Engineering Graduate fair and I stayed home pottering around the garden and doing the washing. Plus watching crappy tv. 

Later in the afternoon we headed down to the beach and even though I felt like a whale (damn me being so hungry all the time) it was beautiful. The water was so calm and our little puppy had a blast. I even went in which is highly unusual and it was freezing. But I couldn't resist and I had my bathers on, just next time I'll remember that shaving your legs and then going to the beach = OUCH.

Now I've got Hubby making dinner, yummy Balinese Lamb Chops, my mouth is already watering and poor man is crying because he's chopping onions. Life is good :)

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  1. ooohh i love balinese lamb chops..I haven't made them in ages, you've inspired me :)