Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 8

Technically tomorrow is Week 8 but I'll just throw caution to the wind ha-ha.

Size: Pecan is apparently as big as a blueberry/raspberry

Symptoms: Tiredness (not exhaustion...yet!), breakouts like a high schooler and a ballooning belly

Cravings: A Rocky Road Heaven ice-cream - billboard advertising worked on me - although that's pretty normal. Still wanting lots of fruit and trying to avoid carbs. Oooh and a frozen yoghurt smoothie I gulped down today at the markets!

Keep that away from me: I felt a bit queasy eating my mushrooms on toast yesterday but nothing is really making me feel gross.

Weight: 73.5 kg (yay I lost a bit, although if I posted my photo for Belly Shot Week 7 you wouldn't believe me!)
Feelings: I've been a bit mood swing-ey AKA Bitchy but nothing too over the top thankfully. I feel sorry for Hubby when the hormones really kick in all I can do is keep apologising. I'm excited that things are moving forward as well, it all feels a bit more real with everything that's happening.

Random: First lot of blood tests done, next lot due Week 10 and then on May 9th (belated birthday present yay!) we get to see Pecan for the first time!!! So very very excited. I think we'll aim to break the news to our family then either email or post with one of the ultrasound photos. I just don't see myself getting together with the entire family to be able to share the news. Mum will not be happy because she wants to blab it to my Aunty but she'll just have to wait.

I told my uni girlfriends yesterday and that's the first time it's felt real/weird because we're all the same age yet not one of them is close to baby stage. But they were all so excited and positive for me, it was really lovely to share it with them. One of my really close friends in that group told me not to worry about anyone else's opinions because it was my body and I'd be able to do whatever I set my mind to and if I couldn't well that was ok too. How awesome are great friends :)

I also took Pecan along to his/her first 80s party. I will post photos of myself in all my teased out glory when I find the camera connector!


  1. It's funny when friends reach different stages at different ages.. I remember one of my friends settling down and having babies just after uni.. At the time I was like Why would you?! But fast forward 10 years I get it now!

  2. Exciting times indeed! Last year none of my uni friends were close to having babies but I think after seeing me go through it (with no real difficulty), they are getting clucky now.

  3. So exciting, it's still blows my mind that they grow from such a tiny speck into tiny sweet babies.