Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 7

So until I find out the exact due date according to my dating every Sunday is a new week. So that's why the two are so close together this week!

Symptoms:still crazy amounts of peeing; drinking loads of water; eating flavoured crackers; pimples all over my forehead and neck (ICK!); slightly queasy on Friday (like being hungover) but feeling fantastic this weekend.

Cravings:fruit and just food in general

Keep that away from me: nothing really, very dependant on what's on offer

Weight: 74kg, I feel fat even though I've gone down a kilo - I don't trust our scales though because they've always been out of whack. I'll find out at my appointment on Tuesday though, my awesome GP loves getting me on them.

Feelings: Very happy and family orientated. Excited for my first appointment with my GP but I expect it still won't be anything definite because they'll send me off for blood tests. I'm crossing my fingers though that I can get a referral to my chosen hospital.
On the negative very grr with the in-laws but feeling strong in OUR decisions.

Random:Boys names are a lot easier to come up with!
I also can't wait until we have our little Pecan in these shots:


  1. Do you find that your 'off' things like chocolate? I did and it was fruit all the way for me.
    You are going to LOVE the dating scan! We didnt need one, but had it anyway and it was AMAZING!
    We are finding girls names easier, and after this weekend now have a list of 6 girls names and 6 boys names on our fridge!

  2. Nah still loving chocolate but not 'wanting' it as much as I used to.

    Yeah fingers crossed for the dating scan. I'm hoping we'll get one because I'm not 100% sure (what with coming off the pill and all). I want us to have 6 names in total when we get into that delivery room ;)
    You guys are doing great to have that many names picked out! Our surname limits lots of our choices unfortunately :(

  3. Mum, dad, pecan, cat, dog - absolutely perfect! :D