Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 9

Size: about the size of a green olive (seriously they have to stop making my baby sound so tasty! I'm so excited because Pecan is finally resembling a baby more.

Symptoms: I have had a few queasies but nothing serious. My stomach blew up yesterday went rock hard and looked massive but after sleeping it went back to normal - Mexican food maybe not such a good idea! Still got the breakouts too. I'm starving at the end of work to the point of feeling sick so far chips or cheese and crackers have cured that (but also destroyed my bump photo for last week! I looked MASSIVE)

Cravings: still fruit and now salt & vinegar chips (but that's normal). Dairy.

Keep that away from me: Tuna (hubby decided to buy lots of it) but I've never liked it anyway.

Weight: Between 74-75kg eeek but forcing myself to go for a walk every day (just wish I could get my arse into gear and power walk for 30mins!)
Feelings: Positive; happy (as I mentioned above our little Pecan is looking more like an actual baby); wanting to buy every baby thing possible - Hubby stopped me from buying a bouncer yesterday.

Random: Off to our tour of the place Pecan will be born today!!!


  1. off for a tour already! WOW! You are organised!

  2. I just wanted a referal but they said we needed to do the tour to decide so off we toddled! I was definitely the only one sans bump though.