Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Halloween 2012

Ok so not really a Halloween outfit but I miss my tiny little boy who is growing like a weed at the moment - but more on that in tomorrow's monthly letter.

One of my best friends recently told us she and her boyfriend are moving to Toronto. My first reaction was to burst into tears but I plastered a smile on my face and told her the tears would be running only at her farewell party because it's such an awesome opportunity.

But then it got me to thinking about traveling and opportunities whilst I'm not at work. My family keeps pointing out that maternity leave is not a travel pass because I now have Logan but Ive read a few baby travel posts and come to realise that just because we have Logan doesn't mean we can't go on international adventures! Sure it might be more difficult but it'll be worth it.

We were walking the dogs and talking about her move when I let out a huge squeal and announced we should go there for Halloween. Being in a country that celebrates Halloween has always been on my bucket list so why not jump at this opportunity! It's easier to enjoy when you're actually at someone's home than in a hotel. So we're now officially looking into buying tickets not only to Toronto but to New York as well. Back to the city we got engaged in! It's still early days but I'm so excited. Not about the 30+ hour plane trip or the cost of tickets but you take the good with the bad and this is one opportunity I can't let pass me by.

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  1. Awesome! So good to grab those opportunities while they are there. I'm so happy for you.