Thursday, February 23, 2012

Month Three Letter (23.02.12)

Dear Logan,

3 months! Where has time gone?

You've grown so much and everyone is commenting on how long you are. I haven't measured or weighed you in awhile but you must be between 6.5-7kg and as for length off the charts most likely.

You're a lot more aware this month and are looking at everyone (& everything, including the tv which is your favourite - whoops). You love to have big conversations with us all as well, we don't know why you're saying but that doesn't matter because you're so happy when you're saying it.

Bad moods are still abundant unfortunately, you have started to calm down a little bit but your still our grumpy old man. I've started giving you colic massage and that seems to help somewhat and makes you happy while it's being done but it definitely hasn't solved the problem. I also find that if we don't read your sleep cues then WATCH OUT, usually I'm pretty good at doing that but when we're out and about it is a bit more difficult. Still your far and I have always said that we still wanted to be able to go out and do things. I'm still not confident taking you out to the shops because you are so vocal about what you do and do not like but we'll get there. Maybe next's month's post will be about how we took you shopping.

This month was the first time you rolled over (from tummy to back) all by yourself. When you first did it far said that I helped you (I was wiping some spit up off your hand) but then you went and did it again and again. Thank you for doing that when we were both home, it was so nice to share that milestone just the 3 of us.

We also moved out of your first home this month which has been sad and left you (and us) feeling quite unsettled. But it is for the best and your next home will be a lot more fun for you (no stairs and place to zoom around in a walker).

You still haven't laughed yet but we get treated to your smiles a lot and it is one of the things I looked forward to when I get you out of your basinette. You tried to mimic Mummy the other day when she was laughing which was adorable but nowhere near a laugh!

Gymbaroo also started this month and you seem to be enjoying it, you like the songs and dancing on the mat but heaven forbid I try and play with you on any of the equipment! You put up with being on the trampoline with Arthur, Ted and Isobella but that was the only bit of equipment you liked! You also tried to eat Arthur's hand but that's ok, he was shoving it in your face after all.

You're continuing to sleep well at night, we tend to wake you and feed you when we're going to bed so that you don't wake up around midnight. By doing that you usually only wake up once before 5am and then sleep in a bit after that. You are such a noisy sleeper though, especially in the morning, that I'm not getting to enjoy the sleep in. I think the time is coming to put you in your own room soon but I really don't want to move you and I think it will have to wait until you have your own nursery. But who knows it may well happen at farmor's, we'll just have to go with the flow/meet your demands.

On the night of the 21st you slept from about 845 until about 7am! Your last feed was at about 7pm so we all got a goodnight's sleep which was fantastic and a nice change to the previous days were you'd been super fussy! Then again on the night of the 22nd you slept through, please let this be something that isn't going to stop! Last night you did get fed around 9pm and there was grumbles from the basinette around 230am but we used the life saving dummy and you seemed to settle. You woke up at 550am and after a quick feed I put you back to bed but you were up again a bit before 7am. I'm not complaining though, you are being a wonderful little boy and my heart just keeps growing with love for you.

All my love,

PS: we do have your month photo but the camera is in where you're sleeping so for now we'll have to settle for the adorable photo above.


  1. Lovely story Jess! Rolling! Wow! That's exciting. Be careful to not leave him anywhere!!!
    I'm jealous of your sleeping thru the night... Not here. I wish!
    Happy 3 months to Logan. It's lovely watching him grow.

    1. I've been reading that sleeping through can stop when they're going through so many developmental changes. Abi's just going to be a genius that's why she's not sleeping, too much going on in that gorgeous head of hers! But hopefully you get there too, I know how amazing a long sleep is after not having it for so long!

  2. You're doing such an amazing job! I wish Eve would sleep as well as Logan does. Watch out with the rolling he'll be mobile before you know it.

    1. Thanks Lila! I'm so glad I've got amazing women like you to turn to when I get stuck!

  3. Oh wow I blinked and three months has gone past!! Jeepers!

    Great work with the rolling Logan.. thats early!

    I found everything starts to get easier around the 4-5month mark.. so not long to go.. good luck with the shopping trip..!
    I went with my Mum the first time as I figured safety in numbers! Also taking Bay out in a sling was always good because she never cried in that. Sadly she's too heavy for that now, but I still plan our shopping trips for the morning when she is less likely to be cranky. You could start by going for just a couple of items to start with so you will be in and out, less time for Logan to get over tired..?
    Also remember its not the end of the world if he does cry or make a fuss.. it's not like you are taking him to a library or to the movies, so who cares! If worse come to worse you can just abandon your shopping and go home, it's no big deal. If I see a Mum with a crying baby or screaming toddler I always just think 'poor lady, kids will be kids' not 'bad mother' or 'bad baby' or 'what are they doing out of the house?!' Goodluck with it!

  4. We went out yesterday and today :) and you're right. I was in mothercare and there was a tiny screaming baby and ai just wanted to hug the woman because I'd been there. I love being part of the Mum club