Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ultimate Dream

People tell you all the time while you're pregnant that sleep is going to go out the window once you're a parent and I just nodded and smiled...how ignorant I was! But you never really know the truth until you experience it for yourself and I have definitely been reliving the newborn experience at the moment.

Logan used to be a pretty good sleeper but now that 6 months has hit that's gone out the window. We thought finally moving into our new place and getting settled would result in sleeping through but that was just some more wishful thinking! Now he's up at least 6 times at night for the past three nights and before that anywhere from 2+. This Mama is exhausted and with a house to unpack and clean up I'm finding it hard to be relaxed enough to nap when he does. At least that's a positive in that he is now having longer naps but I just wish I could ignore the boxes and mess and sleep! Which is what I should be doing now but we need to go to Gymbaroo soon (thankfully I'm not bothering with it once this term is up!).

It could be teething, it could be developmental milestones, it could be a growth spurt or any number of things but I hope he starts to sleep for bigger chunks soon because I'm on the verge of having a melt down. Thankfully my Mum is now literally around the corner and my Mother's Group has been fantastic even offering to take him while I get some sleep. But it's amazing how much sleep really does affect you and I can't wait to get back to my happier self instead of this crazy monster who snaps at everything!



  1. Hugs. I'm so glad you've got some help to catch up on sleep, I go a bit loopy from lack of sleep! Hopefully Logan settles again soon.

  2. Oh god, it is horrible isn't it? I feel depressed when I don't get enough sleep. Hope you get some good chunks of sleep soon. xxxx

  3. We had some really difficult times with Abi and sleep when we first moved. so it could possibly just be getting used to a new place?
    It's bloody hard though and the lack of sleep is horrible. Take the help whenever you can.
    I have come to realise that people only offer if they really mean it and you should take them up on it.
    Your sanity is worth it in the end.
    No more Gymbaroo? We love Gymbaroo!

    1. We're starting a gymbaroo splinter group haha Logan hated it most of the time and our teacher wasn't very good (we complained about her but nothing was done). I wish he had liked it because then I would have kept going.