Monday, January 2, 2012

Favourite Snaps of 2011

2011 was definitely a year to remember in our household. So to celebrate the arrival of 2012 I've decided to post some of my happy snaps (yes I still need to write Logan's 1 month letter and birth story...) which are all out of order. I've also decided to start a 'photo a day' blog dedicated to Logan. It'll be nice to look back on and also will be a great way to share him with our family all over the world. The link in case you're interested is: Photo a Day (unfortunately I can't find my camera cable & I don't want it becoming an iPhone photo thing because they aren't very good quality but bear with me!).

On my due date
Daddy cuddles
Grandma cuddles
Banoffee Pie for Hubby
Being babysat by the Grandies
From our photoshoot

One Month Old
My niece & nephew plus our dog

"Santa" squashing Loki
Baked Baby Shower goodness
Hands always in the air!
7 years!
Sculptures by the Sea
What a fantastic year 2011 was and I'm looking forward to what 2012 will bring.


  1. What a gorgeous year, looking forward to your photo a day blog too!

  2. Great shots. What an amazing year for you! Love all the hands on your belly <3