Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day

If you live overseas then you probably haven't heard about this wonderful heatwave we are having. Over 40C or close to most days (104F), including today! There is even the possibility that our fireworks will be cancelled which, may not be a big thing to people who get fireworks all the time, but here in Perth Australia Day is THE day (we don't even get them on NYE). But whether or not they go off I'm inside with the aircon cranked to a respectable 24C (75F) to be kind to the environment and stay kind of cool.

I did want to go out and enjoy being around everyone and getting into the Aussie spirit but it's just too hot and with a two month old baby it's definitely out of the question. So instead, we're having one of my best friends over for dinner and then we'll watch the fireworks from our balcony (not the main ones but they do lots of separate fireworks depending on the council which is great). I don't even know if I'll have a drink, I really can't be bothered pumping and whilst I do have a little supply stored up (it used to be massive but the holidays drained that away) I want to save it for Saturday when I'm going out for lunch with my girlfriends and all our boys (sans Logan so I can get a little tipsy YAY!). It's funny how much changes once you've had a kid and how your boobs are definitely feeding machines and readily discussed ha-ha.

I did buy lamingtons in an effort to have some sort of Aussie'ness' about the place and Logan is wearing a Bonds outfit (even if it is made in China nowadays). Plus we have vegemite in the cupboard which is an automatic tick in the Oz box.

I hope everyone is keeping cool and if you're an Aussie or even an adopted Aussie have a fantastic Australia Day wherever you may be.


  1. Happy Oz Day to you too.
    Hot doesn't even cut it does it....its sweltering. Mind you we don't have air-con and I can be a bit of a drama queen ;)
    Logan looks like he's changing already :) :)

  2. Hope you had a good day! Logan is so bloody cute!
    Enjoy lunching sans Logan on the weekend!
    I'm out tonight with all the girls from my mothers group sans babies!!!
    Can't wait!
    I kept the drinking to a minimum yesterday so I could have a few tonight.
    That's stuff in the freezer is like liquid gold! And I so can't be bothered expressing anymore either!