Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Month Two Letter (23.1.12)

Dear Logan,

Today you're two months old and you have definitely changed! You've grown up so much and the restlessness that abounded in your first month is dissipating - it hasn't abandoned us all together which was proven at the last mothers group when you were testing your lungs out & got taken off me!

You're basinette is almost too small but we are hoping for at least another month! You are growing at a crazy rate though but I still hope it's not wishful thinking. One of your favourite things to do is to lay in the basinette and stare up at your mobile. You smile & talk to it non-stop, I think you must have been a dinosaur in a past life because you sound like one sometimes. We all think you are very close to laughing but you often get it confused with crying which makes us laugh.

This month saw you get your first immunisations which you hated even though you had all those needles when you were stuck in the nursery. You didn't have any terrible side effects though thankfully, only a high temperature characterized by a very very hot head! You also got your first taste of flavored baby panadol.

Another first was your first swim on the 21st! No clothes other than your Bonds bucket hat which looked so cute. You didn't really do much but relax and we can't wait for more swims, don't worry farfar got lots of embarrassing photos for your 21st.

It was also the first time that you focused on Riley the dog, unfortunately he was only interested in our pizza. You've definitely become more curious this month and you love being moved around and staring at everything. It's nice to have you more focused on us and for all of us to be enjoying each other more.

You also had your first bath in the big bath with me and you loved it. You kept pushing yourself off me though and going crazy which was adorable. You love your bath and water and I'm looking forward to taking you to baby swim classes.

Christmas was celebrated twice this month as well and you uncovered some of your Danish heritage - even if you did sleep through dancing around the Christmas tree! Unfortunately we missed out on our Aussie tradition of going to the dog beach Christmas morning. We celebrated a bit too late at Danish Christmas and you weren't a happy sleeper. But we still managed to celebrate with your Aussie family and it was the first time you met quite a few of them.

You've started to sleep for longer periods at night but you don't have a set schedule. You've done a few 5 hour stints which is lovely, but we're still getting up early from anywhere between 1am to 4am. But it's a fantastic change to what you used to be doing so thank you! We are being naughty though and sleeping you on your belly but you love it and wouldn't have it any other way. It's funny to walk in and see you like a seal with your head poking up, you are so strong!

You love it when I sing to you and when Daddy talks to you in Danish. You also love me pressing your nose and making a cluck noise with my tongue and getting raspberries on your belly.

Don't stop growing and loving life my sweet big boy.

Love Mummy

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  1. Just beautiful Jess.
    You bought a tear to my eye.
    I adore that photo with his little hat on! So cute!
    Seems like you are all settling in to life as 3 and it so lovely to read your posts.
    Keep being a wonderful mumma!