Monday, September 26, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 32

Size: approximately 42cm and weighing around 1.7kg

What's Pecan Up To: kung-fu fighting haha It is insane in my belly and I love it! Getting fatter too.

Symptoms: Still feeling uncomfortable and even though I'm trying to lean forwards to encourage Pecan to move head down my belly is getting too big to do that.

Cravings: frozen yoghurt, fresh fruit and coffee

Keep that away from me: the smell of the seafood section in Woolworths BLERGH!

Weight: between 80-81kg
Feelings: Excited about finishing work but I feel bad for my boss, she came in and said she was depressed because the last 3 weeks were going to fly by. I'm not really nervous about becoming a Mum but nervous about how much my life is going to change.

Random: We have our next scan on Friday afternoon so I get to find out where my naughty placenta is and where Pecan is sitting. I'm super excited to see our little baby again.

We've also been throwing around names, we think we've picked a girls name (still no middle name though) but having no luck with boys names (I've changed my mind about the one that Hubby really likes). So I'm guessing we'll be having a boy ;)

Also on a side note I completely forgot to say my Mum got engaged during their Italy trip. We're all very excited and I can't wait to dress Pecan up for the wedding!


  1. hi lady! just saw your post on violet's blog and i'm bursting with excitement! the husband took me to the little mermaid on broadway on a fancy schmancy date with my pretty engagement ring in his pocket!!!

    yay for musicals and cute proposals!

    xo.anna marie

  2. congrats to your Mum on her engagement!

  3. I remember hating the seafood section at Woolworths too! Congratulations to your mum as well and I hope everything goes well with your last day at work.