Friday, September 9, 2011

Sun and No Surf

I love Fridays! Today because Pecan woke me up so early I decided I might as well head into work so I could finish the day earlier than usual. Lucky for me it turned out to be a good move on Pecan's behalf because this afternoon is amazing.

I quickly got into my dog walking clothes - thank god for my dance pants from highschool that still fit my ever expanding belly - and then bundled Loki into the car and off we drove. I wasn't too sure exactly where we were going, usually if it's just me I go to our local oval (yesterday the view across the river was stunning) but I kept driving today and headed in the direction of our big dog park. As I was heading to the usual spot we get out and park I remembered they had a little 'dog beach' on the river and immediately pulled in there. BEST IDEA EVER! It's only a short little walk but Loki was sniffing at everything, digging up a burnt stick and the water was out so he was happily trotting around in the tiny amount of water left (which he never normally does because my Mum and sister scared him off water when he was a puppy). After the walk I just sat down to enjoy the sun and starting thinking about what the midwife had been saying in our class last night about breathing. She'd suggested visualizations but I'm not that kind of person so instead I just sat there enjoying the sound of the river, the sun and just let myself relax. I've decided this will definitely be 'my spot' and if the weather stays nice I know it will eventually become Pecan's spot as well. Perfect for the dog, not busy and a short drive away from home, I couldn't ask for anything better!


  1. sounds like a great relaxing afternoon.
    I can't believe you only have 10 weeks to go!!!
    Time flies...