Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cooking Class

Last weekend was a birthday celebration (of sorts) it was a belated present for one of my best friends (who should be in America by now...lucky thing!) and a very early celebration for my other best friend. We all signed up for a French pastry class.

Now whilst I know my way around a kitchen I was scared of pastry, it's still my aim to make a pie before I turn 26 but I'm quite happy just baking cakes etc... Well the fear has definitely gone away after a wonderful class, granted I was on team Rhubarb and therefore didn't have anything to do with cooking the pastry but I did pipe choux pastry out of a piping bag and that's pretty impressive for me!

I can't really remember what the desserts were called but I'm glad I got photos of them before we demolished them. I have to admit the second one (with our rhubarb filling) was my favourite. Helen, our awesome teacher, was fantastic at making us feel at home whilst at the same time teasing/teaching us, I would definitely recommend this class to anyone in the Perth area - although don't do it when pregnant because you get a free glass of wine/bubbly at the end. My face must have looked aghast because Helen asked what was wrong and I lamented that I was pregnant (can't see how they didn't realise with my bump!) and therefore couldn't drink :( Although I did sneak two sips which went straight to my head!

The only negative I have to say about the class was that it was my first experience with someone making an unwanted comment re: my pregnancy. I hear it bemoaned everywhere - people putting in their opinions, rubbing bellies without permission etc... but I hadn't experienced that until then (maybe I exude get the hell away from me vibes haha). It started out innocently enough the woman asking if this was my first and then how long I had to go. When I told her 9 weeks her jaw dropped and she said where on earth was I putting it all and that she guessed having a small baby would be easier in the long run...unless it was a big baby and there wasn't a lot of fluid! Needless to say I walked off and ignored her for the rest of it, stuffing one's face with yummy desserts is a good cure for idiotic people!


  1. Ohhhhh my. Those desserts look absolutely AMAZING. I'm still a bit scared to work with pastry, but I might have to give it a go!

    Ugh to the woman who was a bit of a Judgey-McJudgerson re your pregnancy... Some people just have no idea.

  2. Haha I did the bistro class a couple of weekends ago!

  3. Perth is so small Miss C ;)

    Miss Posy I was petrified, I'm still scared of Choux pastry but I think it's more the time it takes than the degree of difficulty!