Friday, September 16, 2011

Pushing the Envelope

This little baby is already pushing the envelope and after my appointment today I can see that's just going to continue!

For starters we've got the 'reaching' placenta (find out at our 32 week scan how that's going!);
Then we had the first failed glucose test followed by the marathon glucose/blood test resulting in me almost fainting (but all is good with that HURRAH);
Now we have - is that baby's bum or head? I'm pretty sure that's it's at the moment you're baby is breech....

oh Pecan what do you have in store for Mummy next?

I'm not too concerned though, lots of sites suggest that it's common for babies to keep moving around and that they wouldn't start to worry until 34-36weeks. So judging by how things keep turning out to be ok I'm not too concerned. Especially because Pecan is such a mover and shaker in there.

I'm just so excited for the weekend, I've been exhausted after getting prodded to try and figure out exactly how Bubs was reclining and now I just want to curl up on the couch with some bad food and tv - luckily Hubby is keen on that as well!


  1. I'm glad that nothing is seriously wrong! I hope you have a very relaxing weekend. :)

  2. Good luck at your appointment!

    There is still plenty of time for your placenta to move and the baby will no doubt do a few more twists and rolls before your due...

    I had to do that 2nd glucose test as well and it wasn't much fun!

    Let us know how you go at your appointment!

  3. Love your photo!!

    Sounds like you have a great the sounds of it, you kinda need to roll with it when you have another little life inside you wanting to do their own thing