Saturday, September 3, 2011

No More Sleep-Ins

Curling up on the couch just isn't the same!

I realised that this was going to happen when we decided to take the plunge into parenthood but silly me was hoping it would happen after Pecan made his/her appearance or at the very least when I was resembling a whale! Sadly I keep waking up at 6am (or even earlier) and not being able to get back to sleep, whilst Hubby can simply roll over and once again be sleeping in seconds.

But instead it's made me productive and at least I get a bit of housework done so that we're not consumed by it for the rest of the weekend. For example this morning I've: done a load of washing, made pancake batter in preparation for Hubby waking up and had a shower/washed my hair - not major things but every bit counts right?

I've got a bit of a To-Do list for this weekend and hopefully I can get it all done.

1. Go to my Nana's house (with my little sister) and pick out things that we want - I feel terrible raiding her unit but my Aunty wants us to and my Nana has now been moved to a nursing home in the country to be closer to my Dad.
2. Vaccuum - this will be Hubby's job with all our stairs and bending I'm out of commission (yay!)
3. More washing...hopefully the rain stays away so I can avoid using the dryer.
4. Use my maternity clothes voucher at MotherCare - I'm only using 1 pair of work pants at the moment and if I spill something on them I'm stuffed! Although I did try on a cute dress from my wardrobe that could work I just need some maternity leggings.
5. Figure out my sewing machine and at the very least start on a project. I have several lined up from pillow cases to a baby blanket.
6. Go on a date with Hubby - definitely something cheap because we're running low on $$$ (damn baby shopping being so tempting). This is the most important and something I want to factor in because with him studying so much and Pecan's due date moving closer and closer we need to make time for 'us'.

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