Monday, August 8, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 25

Size: approximately 35cm and weighing more than 660g!

What's Pecan Up To: karate, including kicking Hubby in the back! Apparently responding to light as well.

Symptoms: Dizziness is still sticking around but I managed to do a shopping trip with my little sister and food shop and it didn't kick in!

Cravings: Still citrus fruits and coffee.

Keep that away from me: big meat dishes

Weight: Um...
Feelings: Excited, we went to see the midwives and all is good. They'll send me for a free 32 week scan so hopefully my placenta will have played nice and moved by then. The student midwife (not the one we're using she forgot...not a good first impression, damn MiL for suggesting her!) and midwife reckon we're having a girl but that's based on that whole heartbeat thing haha

Random: I finally got noticed as pregnant by a waiter when I was out to lunch with the girls :) Granted it was to warn me not to eat the yummy aoili (I thanked him but still dug in...naughty me!) but that was pretty cool, I look pregnant not fat YIPPEE!

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