Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 27

Size: approximately 36.6cm and weighing around 875g.

What's Pecan Up To: kicking/punching/rolling when I'm in bed reading or in the middle of the night or at around 530am (plus throughout the day as well); he/she is opening & closing their eyes and maybe sucking their thumb.

Symptoms: after tempting fate (& saying woohoo not for me everytime I read somewhere about leg cramps) I got my first leg cramp last night, it wasn't too bad though, especially compared to ones I've had before getting pregnant. I still can't push myself too much either and bending down/rolling over is starting to get uncomfortable. I'm also finding that I can't sleep-in anymore which I guess is good for the housework on the weekend (and why I'm writing this post at 720am on a Sunday morning!).

Cravings: FOOD!!! Constantly I'm non-stop hungry even after eating a big meal.

Keep that away from me: nothing really.

Weight: Finally bought a set of scales, I'm 80.3kg *gulp*
Feelings: Excited and now eyeing off every other little baby or kid in sight!

Random: off to my Mum's Godson's 3rd birthday today - very excited we haven't seen him or his older brother in awhile and I love the boys to pieces. Plus it means we'll be able to pick up the second-hand pram and car seat.

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  1. The leg cramps sucked! Hope yours was a one off!

    Haha once I got to 80kgs, I stopped weighing myself!