Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cocktails and Holidays

On our Honeymoon

Ok so at the moment they're only in my dreams but with all this Winter weather I am craving a hot escape. I would love to be in some tropical place sipping a cocktail and lounging by the pool. I know everyone wants this when it's Winter (unless you love the cold weather and I used to fall into that category!) but it's hit me like crazy and I guess it's because I'm pregnant and restricted.

I've been dreaming about holidays at the moment and just want to go ahead and book something. But Mum wants to organise a big family holiday next week so I need to wait to find out where/when that is happening. Originally it was going to be Africa but apparently that's too difficult with a baby (I was all raring to go though damn it) and now my little sister and I are pushing for Hawaii...we can dream right? I expect it will wind up being something like Thailand which I would love even though I'm always visiting there.

I know it's crazy to be planning overseas getaways before I've even become a Mum and begun to understand just what that title entails! But I can't help it, I've kind of made a promise to myself (which I've broken this year) that I will always go overseas each year (no matter how short the trip). So next year (no matter what) Hubs, Bubs and I will be jetsetting somewhere!

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