Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hubby is very naughty! I kept teasing him because he bought a vintage leather jacket - wish he would take me vintage shopping! So I kept asking when am I getting my present, only joking of course, I'm not one of those gimme gimme gimme wives.

I was very surprised when I was upstairs getting ready to go shopping with my sister and Hubby asked if I had seen my present. I looked at him like he was crazy, why had he got me a present I didn't deserve it and I told him I wanted him to save his money/spend it on himself. But he pulls out a little box wrapped in christmas paper and I know I'm going to be spoiled. I opened it the wrong way (he purposefully tried to hide the Georg Jensen because he's always buying from there) and was very happy. Apparently I'd pointed it out whilst we were in Sydney and then he'd ordered it all online. My man may be off with the fairies a lot but he is good at remembering the most random things that I point out. It is beautiful and looks like to wings over an egg, the perfect pre-push present (as he lovingly referred to it). Now all I have to do is tell him I'd be quite happy with some sushi as a present once the baby is born! But I'm not complaining, now I just have to figure out what to get him for his 'congratulations you've finally finished uni' present.

Sadly I can't find a photo of it on the website but when I can I'll post a photo.

In other news there was mention of a full-time position becoming available for Hubby at the end of the year. Sure it would screw with our plans for Hubby to have months off with me and Pecan but it would be for the best and he's made sure to let them know that he does want some time off. But still early stages so no cracking open the champagne just yet but it's exactly the direction we were hoping this job would be moving in!


  1. Can't wait to see a photo it sounds amazing.
    Also have my fingers crossed for your hubby's job offer, it would be great if it works out even if you have to miss out on some time with you both home.

  2. Looking forward to a picture of your gift (finding it hard to imagine from your description!) Very thoughtful of your husband.

    I hope he gets offered a full time job- it would be a shame if he can't take as much time off as hoped when your child is born, but obviously it's about the bigger picture and sure you will both breath easier when he has permanent full time work.