Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 26

Size: approximately 35.6cm and weighing more than 760g. (that 100g extra may explain why I've been eating everything in sight)

What's Pecan Up To: making my belly move (except when I choose to try & watch!) and his/her eyes are starting to open.

Symptoms: Not managing long walks just feeling generally gross towards the middle of them and I'm getting to the stage where I can't sleep heaps either.

Cravings: anything and everything including honey sandwhiches.

Keep that away from me: chicken to some extent

Weight: in our rush to get out of Target I forgot to pick up scales *hmpf*
Feelings: A bit nervous now, our lives are really going to change at the end of the year but as Hubby said it's for the better. Our pram arrived as well so now the only big ticket items I need are a breast pump and a sling (we're getting a used Baby Bjorn from the SiL but that's not until Christmas time and I think I'll want a sling before then).

Random: I semi-finished my pom-pom mobile, revisiting my wedding planning best friend the hot glue gun. Now we just have to hang it up and hope that it all stays together. At least if anything does break and fall on me or Bubs it will be soft ha-ha. I'll take a photo once it's up.

Today we're off to the Pregnancy, Baby & Children Expo and by we I mean my Mum and I (wish us luck!). After that the in-laws are coming over (they were whinging about not being over in ages and are off to the USA next weekend) so I better get started on that cake and tidying up. For some crazy reason I woke up on a Sunday at 6.30am...I hope I'm this bright and perky when Pecan arrives (pfft as if).

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