Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 24

Size: over 29cm and weighing more than 600g!

What's Pecan Up To: using newly developed tastebuds (which might explain the crazy movements after my little Skittles fest); filling out my uterus and Pecan's brain is growing rapidly.

Symptoms: Dizziness and tiredness.

Cravings: Still citrus fruits and coffee.

Keep that away from me: The smells of Hubby's tuna sandwhiches and insanely salted liquorice.

Weight: No idea, no doubt over 76kg. I know I keep saying it but I'll buy a scale soon.
Feelings: Sad because my Nana (who is 91) is stuck in hospital after having a stroke and two falls. Not good news but thankfully she hasn't broken anything and this reminds of the other reason that we chose to have a baby while we are young. I really want to be able to show off our little baby to his/her Great Grandmother. It's doubly important to me because she is the only Grandparent I've ever known.

Random: Pecan can now be seen from the outside and I find myself losing track of my book to focus on the little kicks and punches being thrown in my belly.


  1. Can't believe your 24 weeks! It has flown by!!!
    I have had a little acrobat in my stomach this weekend and all this time later it still distracts me from anything and everything!
    Shame about your dizziness... Hope it is getting a little better for you and I presume the Dr doesn't think its too much of an issue?

  2. So sorry to hear about your nanna, I hope she is well and truly recovered before Pecan arrives.
    I have lots of problems with dizziness, I found grabbing an orange juice as soon as it came on helped, might be worth a try?