Monday, July 25, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 23

Size: approx 29cm

What's Pecan Up To: the new nickname Little Ninja might be introduced soon! It's crazy how it can go from hmm is that gas or baby to OMG stop bashing me up! I can't imagine what I'll be saying when Pecan is even bigger! Apparently our little one can also hear now too.

Symptoms: Dizziness leading to an inability to go shopping or cook :(

Cravings: Coffee and grapefruit, but not together because that's plain crazy

Keep that away from me: Nothing really.

Weight: 76kg I've probably gained a little bit but I hope not! I really need to buy a scale.
Feelings: Enjoying feeling Pecan on the outside and the inside but I'm very over not being able to go out shopping with Hubs.

Random: Mum got to feel her grandchild for the first time last night at Dylan Moran and seeing as Pecan is starting to hear she suggested I read books/play music and keep repeating something so that it calms the baby later. I'm a bit opposed to this because listening to the same thing over and over will drive me bonkers! I figure by now he/she will be soothed by scary loud coughing seeing as that seems to be the constant with me at the moment!

1 comment:

  1. Pecan (AKA Ninja) is only going to get stronger and start kicking and moving about even more and more!!!
    Sometimes it can get a little annoying, but honestly it is just great!!!
    It's the feet in the ribs that you wont want!