Monday, July 25, 2011

Bun in the Oven - Part Deux

 Pecan and Me :) Forgive some of the dodgy photo effects eg: in the last photo, I was wearing a nude bra and because I've worn that dress to death the fabric is pretty stretched. I looked awesome though because it was paired with a black jacket...and of course that's all that matters ha-ha

You can also notice that I've definitely popped and everyone is commenting on it which is really nice.


  1. that is so cool Jess. Really wish I'd been disciplined enough to do something like that when I was pregnant. It'd great to see the gradual changes and I'm very impressed to see that there are no double-ups on your outfits!

    You are looking fab and have definitely popped!

  2. I did cheat with one outfit (the yellow singlet) and terrible me those are trackpants...haha I guess I shouldn't reveal all my terrible secrets should I :p