Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Weeks 19 & 20

*I'm combining the two because of the BabyMoon, nothing notably different between them!

Size:Week 19 15.2cm; Week 20 16.5cm

What's Pecan Up To:developing millions of motor neurons and getting covered in vernix so he/she doesn't come out looking like a prune.

Symptoms: Very strong movements from Pecan including what must have been a full body roll (that was crazy!). I'm still getting super dizzy and this didn't help my attempts to destroy my bank balance whilst shopping on the BabyMoon.

Cravings: Green apples, vegetarian options of things on the menu. COFFEE!!!

Keep that away from me: Chicken and meat in general which is really annoying because iron would help with the dizziness.

Weight: No clue but with all the eating I'm assuming I'm sitting in the high 70kg.
Feelings: Really enjoying feeling Pecan move about in there and so excited to be halfway through (as of tomorrow). Unfortunately sick with a cold though.

Random: You girls were right the Jeans West maternity jeans ROCK!!! I'm surprised mine still last after I wore them to death on the BabyMoon. We've also assembled our Ikea cot (minus 1 missing screw grr and 2 broken plastic bolt thingoes - another trip back is on the cards to get that sorted but the engineer aka Hubby assures me baby will be fine) and the nursery is all painted WOO HOO! And yes, I do realise we're getting in a bit early with the whole nursery thing but I love planning and just can't stop myself.

PS: Once I get over this cold I'll post about the BabyMoon, I'm just so annoyed that our first year wedding anniversary is being spent with me surrounded by tissues and feeling horrible! Oh and I'll also post some Bump pics soon as well. I'm turning into all boobs and bump at this stage ha-ha.

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  1. I can't believe your half way!
    It has gone so quick!!!
    Doesn't feeling those first few movements feel totally and utterly amazing!
    Pecan is going to start getting busier and much more active (I promise)