Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Scan

We got to see our gorgeous Pecan! We requested not to find out and I'm still trying to decide if the tech's use of 'him' was an actual slip or just because she wanted to use a pronoun. I still think it's a little boy in there so that just cemented it ha-ha

Unfortunately we found out that my placenta is still low-lying, they reckon it is 'reaching' over my cervix and not completely covering but that it could be covering and therefore I'd need a c-section...I was half expecting this because it had been low lying at my first scan but my midwife said not to worry because everything moves upwards. I'm not down about possibly not being able to have a natural birth as I only want what's best for bubs but it does mean that the birthing centre might now turn up their nose at me :( If that's the case I'm now contemplating going with the hospital that's just 5 minutes from our house especially if I need to stay in the hospital for longer with a c-section. It's a real pain but we'll be going back for another scan at 32 weeks so fingers crossed. I'll just discuss it with my doctor next week and then the midwife in early August and hopefully we can come up with a game plan. My biggest concern (other than everything going well) is just wanting to know where I will be giving birth, I'm such a planner that that is really important to me and if the birthing centre turns me away at a late stage I'll be feeling pretty AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

Mum's 85 year old grandchild

Our little DJ, Pecan kept his/her hands near his/her head the whole time.

Cute little button nose!
I know it's all going to be ok and I just have to wait and see but it's so hard damn waiting ha-ha and I'm only halfway through the pregnancy!

PS: Congratulations to Mrs Wolff on her gorgeous new bundle of joy!


  1. So cute! Eve was the same with her hands around her face, she definitely likes to chew on her hands now. Hope you get a fantastic birth experience even if you need a c section.
    And thanks for the congratulations.

  2. Be thankful they discovered your low lying placenta early on.
    My aunty that just had her baby didn't find out till she was overdue!
    Very very bad.

    Such cute pics! How exciting that you get another scan at 32 weeks! That would be me about now!!! I'd love another scan to see Buggy again, but we will have to wait now till she decides to enter the world.

  3. I have heard lots of cases of placentas moving up as the uterus gets bigger, so with a bit of luck that will happen to you.

    The scan pics looks great!

    The Birth Centres do have such strict criteria, I was also worried about signing up only to be disqulaified at the last minute.

    Hoepfully you'll have a better idea after your August appointment!

  4. Thanks Girls!

    I think I'll make my decision after visiting with my GP.

  5. hello there! your baby looks beautiful. i had an anterior placenta and it was in the "difficult" position. i had planned on a natural birth but had to go the emergency c-section in the end. I was very disappointed BUT my bub did the whole breast crawl, breastfed like a champ and my recovery was very quick. i was so anti-cesarean (and terrified of an epidural) but talking to the other mamas in my mothers group made me realise how different everyone's labours are, both good and bad. If I had to have a c-section again, i would be much more at peace with it. although it was an "emergency (i.e non-planned) it was very calm and a beautiful, intense experience despite being the complete opposite of what I had planned/ hoped for.good luck for your next scan!