Thursday, July 21, 2011


So little Pecan got splurged on...or rather the nursery did, is it wrong that I'm almost finished with the main parts of decorating and I'm only 22 weeks?!

I have a wonderful obsession with Etsy and I can trawl it for ages. It always makes me wish I was more crafty which is why I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday (and why it's still in it's box). I swear I'm planning to make some cushion covers and I've even got the cushion inserts so now I sort of have to! But back to Etsy...

C/O thejoysofjess
C/O thejoysofjess
C/O thejoysofjess
In honour of 'Team Awesome' (my wonderful uni girlfriends) C/O sweetharvey
C/O sweetharvey
My favourite!!! C/O cleverapple
The nursery is a very cool mint colour with accents of red, black and white. It's fun to be able to add splashes of colour yet still have a very gender neutral place for Pecan :)

I'm going to keep adding to these but some I will make myself just using cool fabric to give the wall they'll all be hanging on a bit of OOMPH. The crazy organiser in me is super excited.


  1. Love them especially the elephant.

  2. hahah Jess you sound JUST like me! I have bought all this fabric from etsy with the intention of doing sewing but it is just collecting dust!!
    I could spend an age trawling through etsy and I always end up buying things.. I have banned myself as we are supposed to be saving money..
    Love your items and looking forward to some photos of your nursery!

  3. oohhh elephant one is my fave too.
    lol love the sewing machine story - i want one too, but I'm worried I'd do the same.
    but thats why we have Etsy isn't? ;)