Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby Moon - Melbourne

So we finally jetted off from Perth after the debacle with Tiger and the ash cloud (we've made a pact now that we are never flying Tiger no matter what the discount and they've further proven this with the safety stuff going on now!). We arrived at Avalon airport and then were in a mad dash to make it to Melbourne so we could do our chocolate degustation. Unfortunately the baggage handlers had other ideas and whilst one family got all their bags the rest of us were left watching 3 random bags spin around and around for 20 minutes until the rest came out. The afternoon didn't get much better due to the cranky as anything bus driver we had drop us off at our hotels (he was annoyed at how many people had booked to arrive at different hotels). People actually got off the bus at the wrong place just to escape him. It was extra hard for me experiencing that seeing as my job involves recruiting people for the public transport industry!

As always because we were running late I was super stressed about missing the chocolate date I'd booked for Hubby and I, especially because the place had told me they really didn't have any space for us but could squeeze us in. I called to advise we would most likely be late and I got the nicest guy on the phone who told us no problems at all he would see us when we could get there. Immediately I felt so much better and I could finally switch into holiday mode.
We arrived at our hotel on Little Collins Street and it was fantastic. But it was a quick dump our bags and jump on a tram to make it to Shocolate. OMG it was delicious, I was jealous of Hubby's glass of wine but he's very anti me consuming any alcohol so no booze for this Mummy except my one glass of champers when Hubby finishes uni!

Because we'd only just arrived in Melbourne (and headed straight to Shocolate) we got lost looking for our next voucher spot - Urbany Woodfire Pizza Cafe . Or rather I believed that a 30 minute walk wasn't that much, it was cold but I managed to get there (surprising with all my dizzy spells!) and it was nice to see a bit of Melbourne. I'd definitely recommend this little pizza/pasta place. I ate so much and it was extremely yummy, I can't remember exactly what I got but it was scallops and prawns in risotto. I also tried their yummy pesto bruschetta (Hubby ordered a proper bruschetta but I couldn't eat it) and it was delicious. We both loved the meals and if I lived over there we'd definitely be going back.

On our way to the DFO, Hubby loved the bridges.

We spent our only full day in Melbourne going to the South Wharf DFO (oh how I wish Perth had something this awesome, Harbour Town just doesn't cut it) and to St Kilda (for cakes) and Chapel Street. At the DFO we stocked up on some cute things for Bubs and some sports gear for Hubby and I got my favourite bag of the moment from Tony Bianco - small but fits everything in (including a water bottle) absolutely perfect for me. After that we utilised the trams and tried to find the shops I remember on Chapel Street, no luck unfortunately but I'm sure my wallet was happy! We had an early dinner (5pm!!!) at Embassy@97 Restaurant. Because we were trying to use a ScoopOn it was the only time they had available. But it was great a small little restaurant and our waitress was lovely. I finally got my snails which I've been craving for years but unfortunately I ordered the pork and whilst it was really yummy my pregnancy belly decided it wasn't to be. Luckily Hubby was still hungry after his duck l'orange so he happily gobbled it up. Then we shared a crepe and headed across the road to a chocolate shop we'd spied.

Looked better than what it tasted unfortunately and came with the worst coffee I've ever been served!

Can I just say if you are ever in St Kilda on Fitzroy street (directly opposite that restaurant) GO THERE! The macroons were to die for and so were the chocolates. We easily spent over $60 and have no regrets whatsoever. So to all those people who are obsessed with getting Krispy Kremes whenever they go to Melbourne ignore that and head to this chocolate shop, you definitely won't regret it.

After that we left early Sunday morning for Sydney but that will be another blog post...


  1. Those macaroons look lovely, I have to try some! Hope that the rest of your baby moon went well.

  2. It WAS delicious, I got to share some of it!!

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