Monday, July 11, 2011

Eat her hat

So my GP said she'd eat her hat if I had to have a c-section (because of my placenta)! YIPPEE, hello to the week turning around. Apparently it's only reaching and she said more than likely it will move up a little bit more later on. I feel really relieved and hopefully I can twist the midwives' arms to stay where I am. I really want to try for a natural birth and thoroughly recommend that people DON'T read about having c-sections etc... cos it's pretty damn scary. Then again any births are scary and people I've spoken with who have had a C were completely fine with it. 

Unfortunately just got told to keep my fluids up in regards to being dizzy. I guess that's a good thing though because it wasn't something that concerned her. We got to hear Pecan's little heart pumping away, oh how I love that sound.

Also we've (98%) decided on a boys name for Pecan. My mind was changed after a movie cameo grr I hate being secretive but it does mean that our pets and our child will all have the same first two letters of their name. So there you go you can probably figure it out from that :p If Pecan is a he he'll have the same initials as my FiL which is sweet but either way his middle name will be Peter to honour both dads.

On a random side note did any West Aussies go the public route and if so did you get free ultrasounds/ultrasounds that don't cost $200!!!??? Because I might need two more with my placenta and that's a lot of moolah I could spend on other things.


  1. Great news about your placenta!

    My advice is don't read any negative stories about labour or birth in any of it's forms.. people love telling you about bad experiences but it won't help you have a positive experience.. it's good to be realistic about what might go wrong, but for every scary story make sure you read a happy one!

    I can't remember the name of your dogs? Jog my memory! (unless you're talking about the late Lily do you?)

    I was a public patient but paid for all my ultrasounds (but only had two- one at 12 wks, the other at 19wks) so can't help with that. But just think of all the money you are saving by not going private!

  2. Our dog is called Loki and our cat is called Lola ;)

  3. I'm really pleased to hear your good news!
    I agree avoid the scary stories, they mess with your head.
    Looking forward to finding out your little pecans name when they arrive.

  4. The GP should only have to tick "Bulk Bill" or "medicare" for your ultrasound referral.
    You shouldn't have to be charged???
    I was a public patient. First scan was a dating scan and no charge.
    Second scan at RPA (public hospital where we are having our baby) and second (20 week) was also at RPA.
    Only one we were charged for was the 4D scan that we chose to have done.

  5. Yeah it's a bit odd Sammie, the place she sends me to doesn't do medicare but I was assuming there were places out there (similar to where I go to do the blood tests) that would be free because there's no way people in a worse of financial situation could afford it.

    I guess it's just that my GP deals with middle/upper class people so it's never been a problem. I'll probe her next time she's writing up my referal.

  6. so glad you're having a better week..and not that I can offer any practical advice but overloading on the good stories can only be a good thing - agreed:)
    p.s stumped on the name for now :)
    pp.s my week is better too and i'm going to watch Wicked on the weekend, so even better.