Thursday, July 7, 2011

Before there was Twilight

...there was OUR Bella.

Our gorgeous family dog is going to be put to sleep Friday night and I'm extremely upset. It's sad because I don't believe she's quite ready to be put down but I'm not the one who has to clean up after she's been incontinent all night and who has to watch her struggle every time she wants to lie down or stand up. It's so hard to come to terms with and all I keep thinking about is the end of Marley & Me and how my Mum, little sister and I were all bawling our eyes out. I won't be going with Mum when she gets put down, I know I should to provide support to Mum but I just can't handle it and sometimes I think I'm allowed to give in to being a little kid and just hiding while the horrible things happen.

It's so hard to know I won't get to pat her anymore or give her huge cuddles, even now I've got tears in my eyes.

She will be the second dog I've ever had to put down in my life and it's horrible but I wouldn't give up dog ownership for it. It just really really sucks that our pets can't live as long as us :(


  1. I am so, so sorry. My parents put our family dog down a couple of years ago and I was devastated. Dogs are so wonderful and truly are a part of the family. I agree, they should live as long as us!

  2. Oh Im so sorry Jess. How sad.

    Dogs are very good at putting on a brave face right up until the very end, so if she is incontinent and struggling to get up/down it probably is the right time to let her go.. even though it feels awful.

    Savour your last pats and cuddles with Bella tomorrow.. its always painful saying goodbye to a beloved family pet.

    Thinking of you and your family


  3. I'm sorry Jess it's never easy. If its any comfort it's a very peaceful way to go.
    Be glad of all the happy memories she gave you.

  4. So sorry, so hard.

  5. Oh dear I'm so sorry! How did it all go? I can't imagine saying goodbye to such a family pet whilst being must be so painful and emotional. I hope you are okay....*hugs*